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About Us

Welcome to JTCars.net

Since the 1970's, JT Cars has been in the sports cars arena from motor racing to motor sales. In 2004 we went online and ever since then, we were known as JTCars.net. We pride ourselves being on home grown, world supported and constantly gaining knowledge from folklore to archives. This site represents our passion for all things desirable and hand picked.

We are owners, enthusiast, treasure hunters and specialists in the game of automobile. Words like Porsche, Ferrari and Lotus command our attention. As the world gets smaller, we spend our time tracking down "The Prize", returning with the spoils and plating it for your convenience. Besides showcasing some of the finest discoveries money can obtain, we pride ourselves on unparalleled quality & customer support second to none. 

Our classified sections showcases some of the best specimens for you money. We make it interesting and we filter out the undesirables. 

As a constant source of quality exotics & vintages, we are also able to sell your automobile for you. Our experience and knowledge in this field can be to your advantage. 

An online classifieds portal for your favourite automobiles. By Owners & Enthusiasts for the Enthusiasts.

Give us a call and see what we can do for you!


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