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Sell Yours

Do you have something rare, classic, novel or beautiful that you want to sell? We also provide the service of listing your assets on our database.

Here are our terms and conditions.




1. Contact us to set an appointment for vehicle inspection
2. The vehicle will be inspected at our premises by our inspectors
3. If the vehicle passes our inspection, we will catalogue the asset
4. The asset will be inserted in our time line for automated uploading, usually 1-7 working days
5. Your contact will not be displayed
6. We will reply general enquiries on your behalf
7. When an enquiry decides to proceed further, your contact will be given
8. The sale is under your control and outcome will be concluded between you and the buyer


1. If you want us to handle the sale from start to the end, we charge a commission of 5% from the
     total selling price of the asset
2. Forgo the hassles and risk of self-sales. We can perform the asset preview in our secured
     premises and the sales activity in a control environment
3. We can assist in loan application for the buyer
4. If the sale is successful we will waive 1 month's listing fee from your commission to us
5. If the sale is not successful you can continue to purchase our monthly listing upon expiry


1. Contact us to discuss the items being listed
2. Send Images of relevant items
3. When an enquiry decides to proceed further, your contact will be given.
4. The sale is under your control and outcome will be concluded between you and the buyer.



RM500.00 per-listing for assets in the Motor Section for Cars (PCM)

RM300.00 per-listing for assets in the Motor Section for Bikes (PCM)

RM  50.00 per-listing for assets in the Collectible and Parts Section (PCM)

1. Listing duration is per calendar month (PCM)
2. Payment is made up front and duration will start once the listing appears online
3. Payments for listing fees are non-refundable whatsoever whensoever
4. If the asset is not sold and you can choose to renew the listing with us again



1. We reserve the right to reject and/or remove the listing if the physical asset is found to be:
         - Involved in a major accident 
         - Black-listed by the road transport authorities, other government agencies and affiliates
         - Stolen or Not of authority to sell
         - Not free from encumbrances or liabilities. i.e.: ownership blacklist, court case etc
         - Misrepresented to the buyer. i.e.: illegal import, not genuine, counterfeit, etc

2. No Listing Fees will be refunded, whether partially or in full, if the assets are in breach of
    the terms or at sole discretion of our moderator if deemed so


D. General


E. Disclaimer

1. JTCars.net and its affiliates are not responsible or liable for the disruption of its services. i.e.: website offline, no connection to apps, etc

2. JTCars.net and its affiliates are not responsible or liable for the misrepresentation of assets listed on this website

3. Buyer are advised to perform their own conclusive checks on assets before paying or purchasing

4. JTCars.net and its affiliate will not be responsible or liable for any loses or claims arising from the use of the content from this website and its affiliates

5. All Logos and Trademarks are Copyright by their respective owners

6. Our Terms and Conditions will be updated from time to time. Check back to understand the latest terms and conditions

7. If you do not agree to the terms do use this website

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