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Join Our Team!

You have seen some of our adventures and some of our struggles. If you like what you see and have what it takes, this may be a good time to join us!

We are building a dream team to execute more adventures for our 2017-2018 season.

We believe in developing and maximizing our employee's potential. Everyday should be positive, energizing and efficient. There is no point coming to work for the money but you dread the work or repeatedly repair the same mistakes day in, day out. If you do not get bored, we will! We always look forward and try new challenges. We know that no one is perfect so we will work to improve each team member's weaknesses together. 

We want long term team members that see working for this company as working for their own future. Unlike other companies, we actually look forward to paying you more if you contribute to the company's growth. 


Positions available are as follows:

Administrative Positions:
Senior Administrative Assistant
Junior Administrative Assistant

Event Manager
Event Executive

Social Media
Artists & Illustrators

OBD2 Technician
Junior Engineering


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