April Assault

Time flies when you are having fun or when you have a lot (of drama) on your plate. For the last month, it was heaven and hell for the boys. I think we set a new personal new record for the most major rebuilds in a month. So much so it deserves a post on its own.

You see, as beautiful as a car maybe from the outside, it doesn’t necessarily tell you about its health on the inside. Spotlights, polished finish, good salesmanship and big discounts could paint you the perfect picture before you buy a car. But where are they when problems arise? Insert your answer here __________.

We can't guarantee that our cars don’t give trouble too although we rigorously check each and every one of them from top to bottom. It is made from thousands of components. Furthermore, collectibles classics like the 308, 911s, 355s etc. are decades old and still running and our cars are scattered all over Malaysia. Fortunately (touch wood) after decades in operation we have only had a handful of incidents where the car is left stranded by the road due to component failure (excluding flat tires; we rescue these every 3 days!).

But what we can certainly guarantee is that when trouble strikes we will always be present to serve our members and to see the issues through and solved till the end. Our talents at hand execute bespoke “maneuvers” just to get your toys back on the road as soon as possible. Sometimes it involves spending half a day flying overseas just to get a small part because waiting for express shipping takes too long. Your experience with us has to be top class, where money can solve everything. How shocking, frustrating and disheartening it is when you have the money to spend but the problem cannot be fixed. And in Malaysia it occurs more often than not. ”old car, normal lah!” as they say...

April’s assault though came without warning. Normally we know which cars are coming in, for what, and around the time that their supposed to. But God doesn’t care if it is your birthday or not.

Here you go. A 964 with centreline oil leaking profusely. But! It’s a surprise birthday present for the greatest dad in the world. Quite straightforward this is, in theory.

Next, a simple air leak leads us to replace most of the main coolant hoses for a modern 911. So it the engine does not need to be taken down for some time to come. The best support for the best son in the world. Again simple task, in theory.

Another modern 911, (what is wrong with 911s??? nothing) although fairly new, some critical components need updating. Better we suffer than the new owner in the near future.

Gen 1 Boxster is due for the first rebuilds. This is for the best wife in the world. No worries...

Cigarette break, Ferrari comes in for an aircon gas refill. No owner, we just like to scratch our scabs.

Old is gold, the simplest and purest 911 gets an express gaskets replacement.

Round two for PDK gearboxes, if your workshop doesn’t know what they are doing, you are paying for their tuition fees. And many are slow learners. Trust us!

Ferrari caused us a week’s worth of grief reverse engineering a new strain of virus. But the antibiotics kicked in, in the end.

Some cars like to tease us every weekend. But in the end our persistence pays off.

GTRs love us too. We quietly treat their super-fast gearboxes right, away from the noise.

When you see Porsches, Ferraris or Mercedes, we see engines, waterpumps, gearboxes, ecus etc.!

Befitting the achievements from the past 30 days, the boys get to idle this week. By the way, what month is this?!