Ferrari Racing Days 2014

If you were a Ferrari Tifosi, you couldn't miss it. Ferrari Racing Days 2014 happened on the 21-23rd of March 2014. For the first time, this uber exclusive event was held in Asia and Malaysia was the chosen venue. FRD showcases a variety of motorsports that the Ferrari brand indulges in and paves way for its top clients to exclusively handle the likes of 458 Challenge, 599XX, Enzo FXXX, and its ex Formula 1 race cars.

The most passionate were invited for this Vip payless event and the Grandstand was open to the public free of charge also. JTCars brought along 40 privileged Ferraris for the event and surprisingly for the first time, the attendees and organizers were early!

An array of the latest Ferraris were also on display including Malaysia's very rare Enzo and the latest manic 458 Speciale. The exclusive invitation also came with top notch food and entertainment with servers and ushers situated at every corner.

For the big boys, Ferrari mercilessly shrunk them down to salivating infants when the F1 cars came out to play, followed by the highly anticipated 599XX and Enzo FXX. If you thought picture stills were beautiful, their art in motion was even more breathtaking. Whenever else could you see an Enzo FXX going full chat down the main straight or the 599XX breaking late into turn 1. Brakes glowing, exhaust popping, engines barking.. all painted in scarlet red. Beautiful, Beautiful and Beautiful.

Driving Instructors were also on hand to brief owners on vehicle dynamics and correct racing lines before they were given the opportunity to experience the F1 Circuit for themselves. For many, it was their first time and what a thrilling experience that was. Multiple V8 and V12s howling across the pit wall makes for a very nice anthem indeed. Shortly after a parade was held with almost 150 Ferraris drawing red along the track.

The final round of the F458 Challenge was the last event for the day. Also, another spectacle as 20+ 458 race cars blew past the straights and diced spiritedly into turn 1. For 30 intense minutes, the close action racing provided the perfect curtain fall for the event.

As the day ended, many proceeded home with big smiles and many new experiences. Ferrari certainly knows how to make their fans feel appreciated. Where else can you walk about, touch and sit in race cars the likes of the rare 599XX, FXX and F1, and the race crews don’t really mind…

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Naza-Italia for the exclusive invitation and Ferrari Italy for bringing down such sweet toys! Hopefully more to come in the future, Grazie!