JTCars Sepang 1000km Campaign

Congratulations to rookie car no.99 for a successful Sepang 1000km Endurance Race 2010. 7 days before the race, a decision was made to field the tiny EK9 race car comprising our customers of various talents and backgrounds. Definitely a curious and interesting concoction. With proper planning and professional training the team met qualifying with ease and the car was given its last ‘refresh’ the night before race day.

On race day, the field of 53 starters had their heads down from the moment go. Cars were jostling for position and their drivers were eager to step up the podium. Towards the later stage of the race, many cars started faltering as they succumbed to the Malaysian heat and mechanical woes. With lady luck and quality preparation, car no.99 came home 16th in class at the end of the grueling 9 hour race.

Bravo guys~!