Pull Over!

Long weekends are always the best reason to start up beautiful metals. The new ones got it easy. Fuel up and go. The old ones need some fore notice before waking up. Nevertheless their pilots were ready and after countless practices, starting an old lady eventually becomes second nature.

So it was up to Gohtong Jaya this round, to preview an acquaintance’s new project launch. About 50 cars gathered at 2pm. The weather this round was perfect for drop top. Overcast skies meant that afternoon was cool and breezy all the way up. We were forewarned though, coming close to the holidays, the road transport authorities have setup checkpoints to inspect vehicles and drivers for various offences. Though cautious we proceeded with the convoy.

As usual plenty of toys create a beautiful visual orchestra. All colors, shape and sizes, singing to the perfect rhythm. Soon we forget about the checkpoint coming up ahead. But we had two very valid reasons for that. For one all our cars were legitimate, offence free and displaying valid road tax. Number two, there is no way they can stop 50 cars up Ulu Yam through it's tight winding roads! Even overtaking other cars is a dangerously tight affair.

no this is not the event site

Yes way. They can. All 50 cars please pull into this specially setup car park filled with officers from every road transport department created by man; They found an empty clearing, paved it and herded all of us in without breaking a sweat. What a sight. It looked like a fast & furious sequel gone wrong. The cops won this round.

They were very courteous though. Apologizing for the inconvenience while asking for our id and registration. All driver's eyes were scanning, looking for the scientist who claimed there was no way 50 cars could get stopped. Miraculously but not suprisingly, all our cars passed with flying colors and were let off soon after. First class execution for a government agency and it was certainly good to know that everybody did not have any outstanding summonses... wasn't it?

So we continued on with our journey. It was a pretty mind boggling experience when we arrived. Just moments ago we were surrounded by the cops and their friends. Now with music blasting and people taking pictures, we arrived at the event site crowded with onlookers, parents, their children, confetti, models and a drift event happening. It felt like 50 Cent being released from the police station and arriving for the Grammy Awards.

Gohthong treated us well as usual. The weather was perfect and the ambience was good. Seeing all the beautiful machines parked alongside, many Instagram accounts had updates. Best part, it was just the start of the long holidays. Travel safe peeps and remember to pay your summonses!

Picture Credit: Hayashi86, Off their respective owners