SuperCars Charity Trackday

Gaining momentum from the previous outing, the Malaysian Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini Owners Club united to hold 2008’s inaugural Super Cars Charity event. As with tradition, there were many colors, shapes and sounds. From the humble flat 6s to elaborate V12s, It was a treat for many to see the variety of horse power and hear them sing.

Proceeds from the event went in aid of victims from the recent floods and for those who donated; they were treated to laps around the Sepang circuit in a variety of Supercars.

The event started as early as 11am where there were contests, driving competitions and loud pumping music. Participation from the Super car owners was remarkable but this time, public support was just astounding. Parents brought their children, families came with relatives, Corporate brands with their CEOs, independent car clubs and even passersby.

Many stayed throughout the event eagerly anticipating which car went on track next. The event was also graced by the DYMM Seri Paduka YDP Agong. Many guest drivers and celebrities were also present; helped with the drive courses and the charity rides.

At the end of the day, many left with empty pockets but for a good cause. To experience a world class formula circuit in super exotics, while the proceeds go towards charity. The generous super car owners also contributed their part, a testament are the blunt tires, empty brake pads and countless stone chips. Rarely are treats such as these, as sweet. Then again, when everyone chips in the result is astonishing.