JTCars At Dream Cars 2004

JT Cars part took in the recently held "Dream Cars Exhibition" located at Mid Valley Mega Mall's Exhibition Center. Comprising mostly of Japanese import cars, the exhibition focused mainly on the aftermarket sector with dealers and retailers exhibiting styling and performance products.

About 50 or so cars were displayed for the occasion with features such as Lamborghinis, Porsche GT3, Skylines, Supras, Evolutions and Imprezzas.

On this occasion, JT Cars displayed the Porsche 930 Turbo. Though this car was born in 1989, its performance still rivals some of today's modern sports cars.

The Porsche 930 was produced in 1989 and was Porsche's top-of-the-range model for it's entire production duration. Being the fastest 911 then, It features a distinctive styling, including flared wheel arches and a 'Whale-Tail' rear spoiler.

Turbo charging the 3.3liter engine with Porsche Motorsport's Race proven technology, the unit produced a mighty 300bhp with 429nm worth of torque which was then the benchmark to beat. Against today's sports cars, the 930 remains competitive though aged 15 years.

The 930 is regarded as "The first supercar for many" as it represents tractability and practicality of an everyday supersports car. This car is currently in our inventory. For more information go to the "For Sale Section"