Merdeka Medley

Oh Merdeka day; what joy. One of those rare occasions where many businesses close in unison and people actually take the entire day off. Most Chinese and Malay eateries are closed during this period, so it's bad timing to get a sore throat as the only meals you find could be the Indian, Mamaks and shopping-complexed franchises.

After lengthy periods stuck in the office, you can finally spend quality R&R with your cherished motor. Fast or slow, in da club or mixed fruit, it's your choice. And you have the whole day to sip through.

First up, the Germans are punctual and on standby. As usual, they perform flawlessly near or far.

Not far behind the British execute their weekly routine like clockwork.

The Italians are not early but fashionably present.

Some decide to evade the morning rush and opt for a noon cruise. It proved quite popular.

1000+hp in this picture

Less than 1000hp but still rocking it

Beetle on Beetle

Some arrived by sea. Fun under the sun.

Fun is also attainable with 2.9hp, not wanting the day to end.

What were we saying about closed restaurants during public holidays? ...

5000hp or bp?

And we end the day sun-burnt, hand blistered, knees knackered but filled and happy.

Moments like this, we really start to appreciate the true meaning of the word Merdeka. Like a child, it is something we dedicate our entire lives to nurture but remains in a mortal state. This makes it priceless and we hold that dear to our hearts. For every Malaysian, here's to our independence, to our freedom and to many more to come.

Have a great one Malaysia, as too, Monday is holiday!


Picture Credits: NickT, DavidG, KeyS, PhilipN, DebbieG