SCC scores 4th in S1K

Congratulations to the Sunday Car Club for a very impressive campaign in the Sepang 1000km Endurance race. After a disastrous qualifying session, the rookie team manage to climb from 17th position to finish 4th in the 181 lap race.

Lessons learned from the previous Merdeka Endurance Race campaign saw the team much more matured and prepared for this round of endurance racing. As usual the first stint at noon was the hottest and the drivers were quickly reminiscent of the MMER. But now equipped with a drinking bottle and an opened window for circulation, the drive was much more tolerable.

As we did not have the fastest car on the track, the aim was to have a smooth and uneventful race. From the second stint onwards, the little Suzuki number 45 steadily climbed up the ranks. Up to 5th position and with 4th position insight the final push was made to gain 1 more placing in the closing stages. In the end, we managed to secure the fourth position just as the race came to a close.

It was a long race and although the cars were not as fast as in MMER, It was just as thrilling and tiring. We like to thank JC Racing for the support and Congratulations to the SCC! A Sunday’s rest well deserved.