2007 Porsche 997 Turbo 911 3.6

REMARKS: 2007 Porsche 997 Turbo 911 3.6 For Sale
Neat Condition, Neat Interior, GT3 RS Style Carbon Rear Spoiler, KW V3 Sport Suspension, IPE Sports Exhaust With Valve Control, Michelin Cup 2 Tyres, Aerokit Front Lip, Blackened Headlamp, 992 Sports Steering, Carbon Shifters, Android Player, Reverse Camera, Sports Chrono Plus, PASM Sports, Bose Surround Sound System, Leather and Alcantara Trims, Sports Seats, Accident Free, Done 80k kms.

A highly desirable 911 Turbo presented in Black Metallic with a very exquisite upgrades. It is fitted with GT3 RS style carbon rear spoiler, KW V3 sport suspension, IPE sports exhaust with valve control, Michelin Cup 2 tyres, Aerokit front lip, blackened headlamp, 992 sports steering with carbon shifters, Android player with reverse camera, Sports chrono plus, PASM Sports, Bose surround sound system, leather and Alcantara trims, sports seats and more.

Body & Exterior:
The condition of the exterior is good.
The color of the car is Black Metallic.
The car shows no sign of major body repairs or flood damage.
The body panels do not have big dents or scratches. Slight stone chips may be found.
Windscreen and windows have no obvious damage.
Wing mirrors are in good shape.
Rear boot has no signs of damage or rust.
Headlamps and indicators have no major damage.
Exterior chrome, plastic and rubber trims have no major damage.

Interior is original, well kept and non-smoking.
Driver Zone ie steering, gear knob, handbrake, and door handles are in good condition.
Passenger zone ie other doors and seats are in good condition.
Accessories functions ie lights, horn, wiper, signal, air conditioning and radio are operational.

Mechanical & Operation:
The car drives well and the handling is good.
Engine operation is good.
Engine temperature is stable.
Engine fluids are at appropriate level.
Engine bay has no signs of sedimentation or leaks.
Power steering works fine.
The hoses show no signs of sedimentation or leak.
Radiator has no indication of major damage.
Brake system operation is normal.
Gear system operation is normal.
Suspension operation is normal with no metallic knocking noises.
Undercarriage have no major damage and show no signs of major rusts.
Impact bars and Cross-links have no major signs of damage.
Exhaust pipe has no major damage.

Last engine oil was changed on 17/5/2023 when mileage was 78,983 kms. The car has travelled a mere 2,000 kms since then and the next oil change is due at 89,983 kms.
The front tires are manufactured in 2021 and the thread life is good.
The rear tires are manufactured in 2021 and the thread life is good.
Front Brake pads are still healthy.
Rear brake pads are still healthy.

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MAKE: Porsche
MODEL: 997 Turbo 911
EXTERIOR: Black Metallic
YEAR: 2007

Configuration: 6-Boxer
Displacement: 3600 cc
Power: 480 hp @ 6000 rpm
Torque: 620 Nm @ 1950 rpm

Gear Box: 5-Speed Automatic

0-100 kph: 3.7 secs
Top Speed: 310 kph