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1972 Lotus Europa Twin Cam Type 74 (leu10511)


Rare, Immaculate Cond., Mint Interior, Refreshed handling, Strong Engine, Twin Cam 115hp, New Y Frame, Low Miles.

The Europa Twin Cam Type 74 was introduced in 1971. Being the final run of the Europa S2 platform, Lotus introduced a more powerful Lotus-Ford engine and stronger 4 Speed Renault Gearbox. The new boot design also meant rearward visibility was much improved.

Lotus is famed for making very serious sports cars and the Europa was already hitting 100kph in 6.9 seconds in the 1970s! Especially being in the Europa, the sense of excitement is heightened many times over; you receive the ever present agility synonymous to the brand and an engine that revs audibly to the red line. But the most unmistakable impression is the seating position.

As usual the seat height is fixed very low to the ground and entering the cockpit requires some art. Once inside you immediately notice the almost Formula style seat recline, high handed gear lever and compact pedal box (Inspired by Colin Chapman’s earlier formula racing car designs).

Looking out from the cockpit, you will notice the pronounced steering wheel and its Pistachio-green flaring wheel arches that make up most of your forward visibility. Early write ups on the Europa described it as the closest thing to a Formula race car and you sure feel it in this car.

This particular specimen is presented in very pristine working order. Its previous owner has put much sweat into bringing its abilities back to life. And the result is a car with stunning looks and performance to match. The gearbox requires firm hands to grasp and shift while the precise steering makes the car feels almost weightless. And weightless it sure is. At 740kgs, it is even lighter than the Lotus Elise S1. 

The Y Chassis on this unit has been upgraded. Due to age and material technologies the original frame may buckle under abnormal loads. The new replacement frame addresses these issues plus improves its strength. A very key point in restoring any Europa. 

Upon seeing the car in the flesh, the first statement that pops to one’s mind is “OMG that is a Lamborghini Miura!” You may have to explain to the person; No. But this car does share its iconic design with many hallmark favourites of the time. Contact us for more Q&A on how you can own this racing legend and be blown away by the racing 70s!


MAKE: Lotus
MODEL: Twin Cam Type 74
EXTERIOR: Pistachio
YEAR: 1972

Configuration: Inline-4
Displacement: 1558 cc
Power: 115 bhp @ 6000 rpm
Torque: 140 nm @ 4500 rpm

Gear Box: 4 Speed Manual

0-100 kph: 6.9 secs
Top Speed: 188+ kph

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