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1972 Datsun 240Z (dt1240z3)



Nissan Motors Ltd needed a flagship car to penetrate the American market. As they are primarily known to sell economic compact and light trucks, the name “Datsun” was created to distant the parent company to this, it’s new brand for sports and dynamic automobile.

This was the first generation in the legendary Z Car bloodline. The 240Z drew its styling cues from already establish cars like the Ferrari Daytona and Jaguar E-type. Instantly you could recognize the super car silhouette as various European marques were campaigning their entry in to the US.  

But the 240Z did not only looked good, technically it had all the right ingredients to perform astonishingly well too. Weighting in at just above 1000kg, with all round independent suspension, front brake discs and a strong inline 6 engine, the 240Z was marvellous in the corners and on the straights. A Porsche of the same year would produce less power and cost more. It also proved highly successful in motorsports, garnering many podiums in American racing series.

For a car originally penned as a personal “ GT Cruiser”, the 240Z quickly garnered a reputation for providing brute performance while maintaining its Japanese reliability. One could say it cemented the fate of the British cars as the 240Z came to be a desirable alternative to the likes of MGs and Triumphs.

Like how collectible cars tend to be: When you don’t look for them, they seem to be everywhere. But when you are searching to buy one, nones available or meets a well pocketed-perfectionist's criteria.

Here lies a body work 99.9% in factory condition with original panels and paint all around. Kept by its previous owner of over 20 years, much of his time was invested to the preservation and wellbeing of this moving landmark. There is no rust visible at common areas to the Z and even underneath the carpets the body shines, as it was only treated to hand wipes with a moist cloth and then sunned for as long as the owner can remember.  

This specimen is not a recent recreation but a car being held lovingly with the thought of it becoming a future Toyota 2000 GT revival. The original interior, dash, seats and carpets are in mint condition. Mechanically, the car is tight and sound. With the assist of a manual choke, the engine spins to life in one crank and then idles down purringly like a fuel injection. All gears engage seamlessly and the clutch play is neutral throughout.

Having driven the car, you tend to feel a sense of awkwardness when the car wants to go more then you would like to push it. Its suspension and handling is noiseless and sharp after being maintained with original parts. Its engine though a tad monotonous, provides the sufficient power delivery you need to pull hard and reliably. If not at all shy, do put down a wager with a 246 Dino. You may not know the result from the coin toss.  

Thick-painted, compromised and inferior assemblies does not deserve your hard earned money, you have already gone this far. If you do agree with our terms, money has bought you a total solution at this, the end your quest. If not at all ready, to take sight of this car may put you into more misery when comparing with others. For the said amount and possibly more in the future, you will be very pleased indeed.


MAKE: Datsun
MODEL: S30 MK2 240Z
EXTERIOR: Safari Gold 920
YEAR: 1972

Configuration: Inline-6
Displacement: 2393 cc
Power: 151 hp @ 5600 rpm
Torque: 190 nm @ 4400 rpm

Gear Box: 5 Speed Manual

0-100 kph: 8.9 secs
Top Speed: 190+ kph


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