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1972 Ford Mustang Mach1 Sports Roof GT (fmmch11)


Concourse Specimen, Rust Free Survivor, 2 Owners from New, Loud, Very Red, Agile, Dramatic, Unnecessarily Effective in Grabbing Attention, 351-Q Motor!, King of Burnouts!

The Mustang made its name even before it rolled onto the tarmac. Add “Mach 1” to that and you have Ford’s performance package making the name go faster and corner better. To improve on the already established design from the previous generation, its creators made the car bigger, wider and longer. The front end was menacing with the flaring nostrils on the hood, the sides were long enough to be branded a bus and the iconic rear encased the trade mark cluster lamps with the running horse as fuel cap.

Thanks to these styling cues and its dynamic performance on tap, The Mustang Mach 1 was happily embraced by the public and Hollywood. The likes of James Bond and Steven Segal used it as their preferred mode of transport for getaways and to chase villains and the Bond car has even the exact same colour- Bright Red.

This specimen on offer is one of a handful that has survived and aged beautifully for the past 4 decades. Under the watch of its two previous owners, all panels are still factory original and rust free. A same colour recoat was done about 11 years back to revive the original patina and the two stage black paint with the blackened hood adds to the menacing stance of this Mach 1. And not just any Mustang Mach 1 this specimen is, it is the very rare Sport Roof GT version. From the side, you could swear that the roof line is as straight as the earth's horizon. The most beautiful view it truly is.

72 was the last year that saw these Mach 1s running wild. The following year emission and safety concerns stunted its performance offerings and made it less aggressive.

This specimen is one of those last horses running wild. It carried the sharpest bumper and ran the notorious 351C Q-Code Engine with Cobra Jets, and this was originally supplied from the Factory! In full guise the motor provided a torquey 280hp. But the 72 motor was retarded by 4 degrees to satisfy emissions control resulting in a marginally less 266hp.

Inside you will notice that the Americana Red with Black Ascent interior added 50% more space visually to the whole article. Factory Air-conditioning was specified when purchased new and still runs strong today.

Thanks to the 351 motor, you will have no issues pulling away from traffic lights. If your opponent do not tremble at the sound of that thumping V8 or the sight of its flaring nostrils, the burn out and skid mars upon acceleration should stun.

To have a perfect survivor in front of you really brings the 70s movies back to life. The smell, the sight, the form, the noise and the go, you really didn’t think people back then had it so awesome until now. And having a mint specimen like this, is like watching the 70s movies again but in High Definition with 7.2 surround sound. Have yourself the best seat in the cinema and watch the 70s in Real HD format. Yours, for a price... and its just money!


MAKE: Ford
MODEL: Mustang Mach 1 Sports Roof GT
EXTERIOR: M3560 Bright Red
INTERIOR: Deluxe Red and Black Vinyl
YEAR: 1972

Configuration: V-8 , 351C-4V "Cobra-Jet"
Displacement: 5766 cc
Power: 266 bhp @ 4600 rpm
Torque: 401 nm @ 2600 rpm

Gear Box: 4 Speed C4 Automatic

0-100 kph: 8.6 secs
Top Speed: 180+ kph

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