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1972 Toyota Celica TA22 1600GT (tcta22gt1)


Immaculate JDM Restored Collection, Complete & Concise Interior, Mint Running Engine, Complete Factory Body Panels, Pillarless Roof, Very Rare GT Version, Low Miles

Introduced at the 1970 Tokyo Motor Show, this first generation Celica was conceived as Toyota’s ambitious departure into automobiles that were more emotional and personal. This time, body lines formed tension on the surface and subtle rakes at the A, B and C pillars aimed its design direction to the west. Not surprisingly then, many note its resemblance to Ford’s pony car.

Of the many variants in its family line, none stood more brazen than the TA22 GT. Borned pillar-less where conventional B-Pillars used to sit, this hard-topped, notched-backed, wide windowed, sports coupe amalgamated from the best in Toyota’s huge arsenal.

This specimen, is an ORIGINAL FACTORY delivered Japan Domestic Market Only GT TA-22. Not your usual TAs or RAs plastered with eBay-bits. Fully-optioned since new barring fitment of Air Conditioning, everything you see from the images above is as per, surviving original since it left the factory.

This rare gem has the GTV specced raised air flutes and carries a 220kph speedo with the max 7000rpm tacho redline. By stroke of luck the factory also supplied the first owner with the 1600cc 2T-G engine. Of which in this guise forms the highest factory revving engine produced at the time. Matted to this power plant was the option T50 gearbox with the maximum 5-Speeds in manual. With this combination, the Celica is able to hit a claimed top speed of 190kph.

And the option list continues. Factory Bucket seats rarely in vinyl as supplied with the early production issue, fixed lap sash seatbelts unlike the retractable final makes, factory sports and lowered suspension, stiffer antiroll bars and pressed steel mags. All these gives the ride an even sportier factory optioned look plus increases the handling performance and visuals appeal.

At this interim period when TA23s were taking form, this peculiar late model GT TA-22 was also delivered with the split air vents on the front cowl, non-wood panelling and silver facias like the 71-73 era.

From the interior switches to the badges and lenses outside, everything assembled on this car is next to impossible to find or recreate even with todays “internet”. Then we move in to the engine bay. As much as the eye can see, the finishing in the engine bay is as good as on its roofline.

Only one image displayed but look at this remarkable 2T-G engine. Its original balancer valve is still intact and connected to its factory air-box. Others take the more popular route of open carbies. Radiators, plumbing, extractors and its trademark twin cam cover still looks pristine in factory finish.

Take a step back and look at the car as whole. You would not need further proof that this specimen is garaged and kept away from natural weathers. Try to picture the owner as an elderly man having hid the car from public eyes for many decades being a historian and curator himself. Then you can start to appreciate the human hours that went into the preservation of “something” which was then not so valuable.

In the realm of valuables it still does not make a dent and we can sell you cheapers ones too if you wish. But then why start later when you can afford it now. Just cash will do. No need to bring the excuses. Your history channel in the making, Today.  

MAKE: Toyota
MODEL: A20/35 Celica Coupe 1600 GT TA-22
EXTERIOR: Super White
YEAR: 1975

Configuration: Inline-4 , 2-TG
Displacement: 1600 cc
Power: 115 bhp @ 6400 rpm
Torque: 143 nm @ 5200 rpm

Gear Box: 5 Speed Manual

0-100 kph: n/a secs
Top Speed: 190 kph

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