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1966 Honda S800 Roadster MK1 (hs800663)


REMARKS: 1966 Honda S800 Roadster MK1 For Sale
Immaculate Near Factory Body and Interior Condition, Beautiful Original Engine Interior and Driveline, 
Driver Parade Vehicle During the 2016 Formula 1 Petronas Malaysian GranPrix, Low Miles

Today’s highly acclaimed Honda S2000 can trace its roots back to the 60s. Back then, the concept of sports cars were relatively new to the Japanese auto makers. As builders of daily commutes and utility vehicles, Honda wanted in on this slice of the enthusiast automobile market. Hence the birth of the dedicated S-series automobile.

Banking on their vast experience in producing high powered small capacity bike engines, the S800 was the third iteration of the series to be released with a bike power plant. This lightweight and powerful pairing resulted in Honda’s first 100mph automobile which was also fuel efficient at 34.5mpg as a bonus.

With an engine redline of near 9,000rpm and a kerb weight of 730kg, it was very spirited on the track. Its light weight construction enabled it to dive late into corners and carry high cornering speeds which proved effective against its opponents during circuit racing.

During its short campaign in various Japan racing series, its most notable win was notched during the 1968 12 Hours of Suzuka in a version called the S800RSC. In this guise, the engine was pushing out over 100hp at 10,500rpm, for 12 hours. Even by today's standards, it is a remarkable feat. This win would also signal the end of the Kei car era as manufacturers began to look at bigger displacement engines and cabins.

This Japanese historic masterpiece is presented in near factory reinstated condition. Although the restoration took place almost a decade ago, you get a sense that this particular car still has a brand new smile on its face. Its high revving motor is still very strong and a sprint long our main road saw 160kph displayed on the speedo, exactly like in 1966. All the gears are slick, trade mark of Honda’s performance pedigree and the handling is still sublime. Now you know where the S2000 got its genetics from.

Driving fast requires a lot of bravery unlike a Lotus Elise which feels fully clothed, the S800 Roadster feels closer to the nakedness of a Caterham. Similar in its driving style too, you tend to forget it’s a classic and drive it a bit more aggressively, like one of those modern hot hatches.

The coolest factor of this car could be its roof. When folded down its love at first sight, but our historians do elaborate the correct way of recessing it. If done wrong, it gets stuck and tears the top. On this car, the exact same treatment needs to be performed. After 50 years, that sentence still holds water.

In an era where spare-parts can almost cost an entire car, putting one back together to resemble this example is quite near impossible nor could it be cheap or a quick matter. An original factory delivered Right Hand Drive S800 Roadster MK1 with an intact refreshed engine bay and surviving interior is what you are browsing at now. Your search is over.

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MAKE: Honda
MODEL: S800 Roadster MK1
YEAR: 1966

Configuration: Inline-4
Displacement: 791 cc
Power: 70hp @ 8000 rpm
Torque: 46 nm @ 5300 rpm

Gear Box: 4 Speed Manual

0-100 kph: 15.5 secs
Top Speed: 160 kph

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