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Toyota Celica GT-Four RC JDM (tycst1852)

"E"-JDM Only Version, Special Rally Edition, Immaculate Condition, Mint Interior, Strong Engine, Sport Bucket Seats, Very Intact Specimen, Low Miles
The Toyota Celica GT-Four carries a very special title of “Homologation Special Vehicles”. Specifically built to compete in the World Rally Championship, standard equipment like permanent All Wheel Drive and an advanced Turbo Charged 3S-GTE power plant elevated the liftback coupe model to the highest level of performance.

The ST185 proved to be instrumental in securing victories. From 1992 to 1994 it won 16 full WRC Series, 3 Overall Wins in W2L, 1992 Driver Title for Carlos Sainz, 1993 Driver Title for Juha Kankkunen, 1994 Driver Title for Didier Auriol and 2 WRC Manufacturer titles in 1993 and 1994.

To celebrate this magnificent feat, a special rally edition called the GT-Four RC was created. Carrying technologies over from the WRC trade, this version boast similar features to the competition model. A water to air inter-cooler provided more efficiency during competition, a new ducting for cambelt cooling increased reliability, different bonnet design helped to excavate hot air from the engine, a lighter bumper with increase air flow, quicker clutch and gear level mechanism, torque sensing rear LSD and reinforced synchros in the gear box.

Although named RC or Rally Competition, it was affectionately known as Carlos Sainz Limited Edition as the Spanish driver contributed much success during its reign. This particular specimen is a very rare RC JDM Version. With only 1800 units built for the Japanese market, majority of the export models were down tuned while the local units had aggressive timing and ceramic turbine.

Cars like these provide the sort of exhilaration which back then, not only appeared in competition, but can be bought by the rally fans to very close specifications. Unlike modern special editions which may be a sales pitch, back then steel was steel. This is the result of Group A Regulations fed to the enthusiast and you do not require a rally license


MAKE: Toyota
MODEL: ST185 Celica GT-Four
YEAR: 1989

Configuration: Inlie-4, Turbo Charged
Displacement: 1998 cc
Power: 235 bhp @ 6000 rpm
Torque: 304 nm @ 4000 rpm

Gear Box: 5 Speed Manual

0-100 kph: 7.3 secs
Top Speed: 220+ kph


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