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Buying direct from owner or other parties? Get a 2nd opinion and less 'End-user headaches'! Want us to sell your exotic for you?
Contact us today!
We can buy from you or we sell for you. Give us a call for a free Inspection! Our premium car storage facilities take care of your beloved investment even when you are away.



We don't only sell cars. We believe in providing you with total solutions as best we can. If you bought a car from us, ideally you have no concerns over maintenance and upkeep. Just get ready the payment cheques!  

We run our own workshops and parts inventory. Again, our main purpose in this is to make sure your exotics remain in top form personally under our watch.

We believe that if you grow, we grow alongside too. So if we are able to keep you assets tracking the correct course in terms of value, we will be rewarded by your continuous support for future purchases.

We want to sell great cars for great values. So often, cheap cars incur more spending than good specimens do with the final result being far from ideal; and that leaves a bad taste in the mouth and possibly scarring. That does not mean expensive cars are great either. There is a silver lining and that, is our trademark.

We hope that by creating a safe environment for exotic cars with us, you are able to forgo the hassle of reliving horror stories as you may have heard from talks and forums.

We are tending to many private collections at their owners request. In the last few years, this has given us a lot of experience in the field of restoration, remanufacturing, materials and processes. Our dedicated in house design studio - VARUKT, now hadles custom build projects thats planned for days to months to years; up to your hearts desire.

We are the victims of our own program. As much as we love selling automobiles, we love owning them too. From the pain felt in the right pocket, to the sparse change left in the other, we are as much vested into this lifestyle as you are/like to be. Isn't it nice knowing that your service and support is delivered by like-minded humanitarian homosapiens going through the same experiences!



  • We have our own transport carriers with 24/7 Support within the Peninsular

  • Our After Sales Service Center and Team can look after the wellbeing of your exotic, while you are on holiday, at work or resting at home even!

  • Time for a something... different? Our in-house Design Studio - Varukt, can refresh or remodel your exotic or into one, with taste.   

  • Our inventory and hunting crews keep the parts supply constant for the ongoing running of your exotic. They are quite talented in finding artefacts.

  • Our part time racing crew looks after those who want their toys going faster. After numerous podium and trophies garnered, they should know a thing or two about motors and cars.

  • On the not so exciting end, our diligent office ladies keep your spending in check (or up to check, depending...) and perform the routine house calls for reminders & service renewals. Please bear with them.



Our founder took his roots from motor-sports, so are we in love with that as well. The basic fundamentals of driving fast requires education, information and respect. As such we send our promising young guns overseas to learn race car dynamics, basic electronic and mechanical technologies from the pros, so that our customers gain instant knowledge relevant for their use.

In 2012, we put these young guns to the test by campaigning them in the Lotus Super Cup Asia Series (6 Races), Malaysian Super Series MSS (7 Races), 12hr Merdeka Millennium Endurance Race (MMER) and a host of hostile sanctioned night races. All these campaigns, at the expense and sponsorship from our unwavering customers who believed in our investment for their future. 

After the racing calender has endded, the results revealed themselves. Multiple wins and podiums finishes in Lotus Super Cup Asia lands us 1st runner up of the Season (2nd fastest Lotus Team in Asia); against other seasoned Lotus teams. A notable win during the 2012 Formula 1 Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix opening race plus other podiums finishes resulted in the team securing 2nd Runner Up Overall (3rd fastest Sports Cars Team in Malaysia 2012). Not so lucky in MMER the team DNF due to race contact at the end stages of the gruelling 12hour race. In "hostile night racing" the team did well taking many victories filling the trophy cabinets with trinklets and badges. 

So with these experiences under the belt, the team has proven their worth and is able to care for our track fleet and customers. From beginner to advance level, we are now able to provide you with an array of motorsports solutions. 

On the lighter note, corporate functions, driver training programs and personal track experiences are quite popular. We support events with instructors and cars ready for 3 hour trackdays or full day carpark rallies. Subject to premis availability of course. 



Due to requests from various industries, we now provide cars for display & photography, catering to countless photo studios, events and private functions. Depending on your budget, prices start at RM2,300.00 all the way up to the stars.



Very popular with our out-station & international guests, our Premium & Basic Car Storage facilities take care of your beloved investment even when you are away. Whether it is for daily or monthly storage, your car is kept indoors, away from the elements and in a secure controlled environment.

Our Premium Car Storage facilities consist of:

  • Secure and Closed Climate-Controlled Storage
  • Personal CCTV Surveillance. You can check on your car at anytime
  • Airport pickup and transfer to your car
  • Car Warm up preparations

While your car is in storage, we can also provide maintenance and upkeep. Now, you can drive happy knowing your car is in good shape whenever you collect it.

As we run at high occupancy, please confirm our rates and schedule before sending your car over to us. Prices start from RM550.00 upwards.

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