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Torqtube Sunday Weekly (201817)

1. 2019 Mercedes -AMG E53 Sedan And Wagon Announced, To Replace The AMG E43

2. The Next Audi S8 Will Be Powered By A 535hp Panamera Turbo V8

3. Polestar 1 Hybrid Coupe Has An All Carbonfibre Body With A 600hp Hybrid Power Train, To Go On Sale Mid 2019

4. Mazda Will Only Produce 300 units Of The Special Edition MX-5 RF Sports Black Model

5. Lotus, Under New Ownership Geely, Is Planning Multiple SUVs. A New Sports Car Though Will Have To Wait

6. Audi Decided To Make A 805hp Real Life Prototype Of The e-tron Vision Gran Turismo Featured In The Game

7. Rolls-Royce's Black Badge Adamas Line Will Comprise 40 Wraiths And 30 Dawn That Fuses The Company's Highly Skilled Craft People With The Rebellious Spirit Of The Black Badge

8. The Lamborghini Urus Is Expected To Double The Company's Sales, But It Does Not Plan To Build A Smaller SUV

9.  Mercedes-Maybach Officially Reveals The Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury With Heavy Design Influences From The Chinese Market

10. The DS X E-Tense Is The French Marque's Take On The Car Of 2035

11. Pininfarina And HKG Partnership Reveals A Saloon And SUV EV That Does 155Mph And 0-62Mph In Less Than 4.7 Seconds

12. Ford US Is Stopping Production On All Sedans And Hatchbacks, Except The Mustang, In Favor Of Crossovers And Trucks

13. BMW's New M850i Will Be A 530hp V8 With All Wheel Drive

14.  This Modified Nissan Qashqai Has 2000hp And Is The World Fastest SUV At 237.6 Mph

15. Bosch Claims To Have Developed A Diesel Exhaust System That Could Save Diesel Engines

16. Pagani Spied Secretly Testing It's Huayra Roadster BC In Germany

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