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Torqtube Sunday Weekly (201915) - Latest Car News


This Perodua is 10 times rarer than LaFerrari

The Malaysia Autoshow 2019 is going on now at the Mardi Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS) and one of the first cars that will greet you upon entering the main hall is the Perodua Bezza Limited Edition. The new variant of Perodua’s sole sedan offering is limited in more than just its name – only 50 will go on sale,...

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The 2020 Mid-Engine Corvette Will Debut on July 18

After years of waiting, months of speculation, and plenty of rumors along the way, it's finally official: The mid-engine Corvette, fully acknowledged by Chevrolet for the first time tonight. General Motors CEO Mary Barra revealed the mid-engine 'Vette this evening in New York. Barra was driven to the Siller Foundation Footsteps to the Future Gala, a charity event in New...

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As suddenly as the $35,000 Tesla Model 3 had appeared, the $35,000 model has disappeared from Tesla's online ordering menu. It's a menu that a very short time ago would have replaced nearly all Tesla stores but is now not replacing them because the automaker backpedaled on a decision to close them. In the latest major shakeup to its model...

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SF Motors renames itself Seres, launches 684-horsepower electric SUV

There's a new startup aiming to challenge Tesla's dominance in the burgeoning EV market. The company is Seres, formerly known as SF Motors, and it's planning to unveil its first model at next week's Auto Shanghai 2019. Called the SF5, the model is a small SUV boasting as much as 684 horsepower and 767 pound-feet of torque, or enough to...

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Could This Weird Volvo-Branded Pod Hint At Future Mobility Solutions?

The vehicle you’re looking at comes from the mind of Rashid Tagirov and is dubbed the Volvo PV. It offers an intriguing look of one form the car could take in a new-age of urban mobility and… it has us a little worried. The first thing that stands out about the Volvo PV is its shape. The term “futuristic” doesn’t...

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Stunning New Photos Show Koenigsegg Jesko Hypercar In Swiss Alps

We finally have a better look at the new Koenigsegg Jesko in some very artistic photos taken in the Swiss Alps. It’s been about a month since the Koenigsegg Jesko’s surprise entrance at the Geneva Motor Show. At the time, there were plenty of car journalists able to snap pics of the Jesko behind a velvet rope, but Koenigsegg--for whatever...

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Hot Mazda 3 on the cards to take on VW Golf GTI

In launching the fourth-generation small car in Australia, visiting programme manager Kota Beppu said he wants a “hyper” version of the hatchback. “I’m a car guy, so I myself want to drive a high performance Mazda 3… I’ll do my best,” he said. Although he claimed the project had not been officially signed off, insiders suggest that is a formality....

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2019 VW Atlas expands turbo-4 engine availability, again

More versions of the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas are again available with a turbo-4 base engine. Cars Direct reported Wednesday that VW introduced an Atlas SE 2.0T trim with a starting price of $35,090. For buyers, it offers them a way to add in more premium features while skipping the more powerful but thirstier 3.6-liter V-6 engine. After VW axed the...

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Fiat Gives the 124 Spider a Blacked-Out Urbana Appearance Package

It's an old, somewhat tired idea, but on the Fiat 124 Spider, we'd have to say it works: the Urbana appearance package is yet another blackout trim package of the type very often resorted to by automakers when they don't have anything truly new to add to a model. In fact, this will be the fourth Fiat to receive such...

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2020 Nissan Versa Unveiled With Standard Safety Tech

Nissan just dropped details on the brand-new 2020 Versa subcompact sedan, and so far, so good. Outside, the new Versa looks much improved thanks some sleek body panels that work well with Nissan’s latest signature styling features, including the V-motion grille and boomerang-shaped headlights. The dimensions also play a part here, as the new Versa is lower, longer, and wider...

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Lotus teases a yellow cloud for April 16, could be new sports car

Lotus wants you to save the date on April 16 for … something. The automaker dropped a cryptic photo on Facebook with the date set against a yellow background that appears to contain some hazy smoke. Could this mean Lotus will debut a new Subaru WRX fighter to attract the vaping crowd? Or perhaps that’s not smoke at all, but...

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Bentley Sells Furniture for the Discerning Supervillain Now

It is without a doubt that you, the Discerning Supervillain™, simply cannot embark on your destiny of world domination without first establishing your lair. The lair is where all good schemes are hatched, where all opponents are beaten into submission. Allow me, then, to introduce you to famed furniture brand Bentley’s newest offerings, perfect for any lair. If you were...

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New Porsche 911 GT3 (992) Spotted On the Road, Shows Top-Mount Wing

Well, the new GT3 is now in its final testing stages. And while you shouldn't allow the tons of tape to trick you into believing the production rear wing of the Neunelfer will be that thick, it looks like the top-mount is here to stay. Then again, such a move shouldn't come as a surprise. After all, Porsche 911 racecars...

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Panasonic pumps brakes on Tesla Gigafactory expansion plans

Battery-giant Panasonic put a damper its planned investment of hundreds of millions of dollars to expand Tesla's Gigafactory site in Nevada, raising concerns that slowing investment could slow the pace of progress for EVs. Media reports indicated that Panasonic was reportedly considering investments of up to $1.3 billion for battery production to extend the facility's capacity by 50%. Those plans...

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Infiniti Qs Inspiration concept looks like a modern 240Z

This coming Auto Shanghai, Nissan's luxury division will reveal a large, four-door concept. Not only that, it will be fully electric. Infiniti has even set a target date for its production version, which is within three years. They call it the Qs Inspiration Concept. By the looks of it, the design seems to be a departure from the current Infiniti...

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Oil-burning S6: The latest fast Audi is a diesel

The latest Audi S6, S6 Avant and S7 models are ditching the old 4.0-litre V8 petrol engine in favour of, believe it or not, diesel power. They will join the SQ7 and SQ5 along with the Volkswagen Touareg V8 TDI in the Volkswagen Group’s fast (and clever) diesel range. It’s Europe-only, though. For those in the USA and Asia, you’ll...

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New Bentley Flying Spur Will Get a Slick Retractable Hood Ornament

Hood ornaments have always been awesome—we’ll brook no argument about that indisputable fact—and they’re even cooler when they retract. The redesigned Bentley Flying Spur has just been teased with a short video showing that it will offer just such an ornament, and a gorgeous one with crystal wings, to boot. Having the ornament be retractable is a requirement both to...

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Geely launches Geometry electric car sub-brand

Geely – the Chinese parent company of Volvo, Lotus and the makers of the electric London taxi – has launched a new electric-car brand, called Geometry. The Geometry A will be the new brand’s first car, with Long Range and Standard models offered when production begins. The Geometry A Long Range will feature a 61.9kWh battery and deliver 311 miles...

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A Mercedes-AMG GT R prototype believed to be the upcoming Black Series version has been spotted again doing rounds at the famed Nurburgring circuit in Germany. Compared to the GT R and GT R Pro, the Black Series gets a revised front bumper design incorporating a more aggressive splitter, along with large flics that extend from the grille through to...

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New 300bhp MINI John Cooper Works GP spied at the Nurburgring

MINI’s latest John Cooper Works GP has been caught on camera undergoing its handling assessment at the Nurburgring, marking our first sighting of a prototype in motion. We anticipate the firm’s latest Golf R-rivalling hot hatchback will make its debut towards the end of this year, with sales starting in 2020. Based on these images, the John Cooper Works GP...

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Ford Releases More Details On Transit Smart Energy EV Concept

The recently presented Ford Transit Smart Energy Concept is a 10-seat all-electric minibus based on the Ford Transit, equipped with a StreetScooter WORK XL battery and powertrain. The main purpose of the project is to develop the best solutions to increase range, which is the “toughest challenge” in the minibus format because of frequent door openings, a large space to...

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Aston Martin DBX spotted testing at the Nurburgring

The Aston Martin DBX will be the British marque’s first foray into the high-end SUV segment, and as seen previously in Welsh forests, and more recently the frigid snow, prototypes have been undergoing an exhaustive testing regime. As a road-biased SUV though, it comes as no surprise to see it now putting in laps on the ubiquitous Nordschleife, perfecting its...

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2020 R8 gets new look, 200-mph top speed for all models

The 2020 Audi R8 is ready to storm the Big Apple with a refreshed version of its high-end R8 sports car. On Thursday, the German brand revealed the updated R8 for the U.S. market after showing the global car last year. Of note, Audi will skip the 2019 model year and jump straight to the 2020 model year for the...

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A Bugatti SUV? It Might Be On Its Way

Bugatti has been resistant to the idea of an SUV, but a new report says that an SUV is on its way. Last January, Bugatti CEO Stephan Winkelmann said during the hyper-luxury carmaker’s year-end address that “there will be no SUV from Bugatti.” That was supposed to squash swirling rumors that the carmaker known for making ludicrously fast and ludicrously...

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