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Torqtube Sunday Weekly (201953) – Latest Car News


Petronas Primax 95 is now Euro 4M-compliant

National fuel retailers Petronas have announced that its Primax 95 with Pro-Drive fuels supply is now compliant with the government’s newly mandated Euro 4M standards for RON95 fuels. The latter is poised for enforcement effective from January 1, 2020. Though only the second fuel retailer to announce its compliance with the new ruling this week, it is the first retailer...

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This Wild Tractor Goes 150 MPH

Production car speed records are so boring. Really, what's the difference between 268 and 278 mph? No private owner in the world has a track where you could tell. JCB had a much more practical speed record in mind: it wanted to build the world's fastest tractor. Because, while you probably can't find a straightaway long enough to separate a...

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Father and son building Aventador replica surprised with real thing by Lamborghini

In July, we reported on a father-and-son team building their own Lamborghini Aventador using a custom tubular steel chassis, 3D-printed body panels, and parts sourced from a whole host of cars. It seems Lamborghini received the news because the automaker, rather than frowning on the endeavor, treated Sterling Backus and son Xander with time behind the wheel of a real...

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It’s been a 20-year wait, but finally, next year, coinciding with the release of the next Fast & Furious movie, we’re getting a true console video game based on the series. But wait, there’s more! Vin Diesel, aka Dom Toretto, will be staring. The buster brought him back. The trailer dropped at the Game Awards 2019 along with a ton...

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2020 Honda Jazz Modulo X sprouts a grill

When Honda unveiled the 2020 Jazz (or Fit, as its known in Japan) during the Tokyo Motor Show a few months ago, there were a lot of comments about its new look. To say it was divisive is putting it lightly. One thing is for sure though, it looks different. Honda is set to reveal what's called the Fit Modulo...

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Hyundai Vision T Concept Puts On A More Familiar Face, Starts Looking Like The New Tucson

At the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show, Hyundai took a step into the future of the compact crossover with the Vision T Concept. The vehicle combines large air intakes at the front with a big, partly-illuminated grille, sharp creases that run across its length, bulky fenders, sloping roofline and a rather clean rear end. Hyundai has the next generation Tucson...

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Subaru Levorg STI Sport Teased Prior To 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon

The Tokyo Auto Salon in January 2020 will be an event to look forward to especially if you’re a Subaru fan. To further spice things up, Subaru even uploaded a very short video clip teasing the all-new Levorg Prototype STI Sport. Along with five other Subaru models, this new prototype will be part of the carmaker's exhibit at the upcoming...

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Rivian gets $1.3B funding boost, for electric truck deliveries by late 2020

Electric-vehicle upstart Rivian announced Monday that it has closed a $1.3 billion investment round led by T. Rowe Price—including new investments from Amazon, Ford, and BlackRock. The fresh funding, together with previous investments in the company announced this year, have helped assure that Rivian will deliver product—in the form of electric pickups, SUVs, and cargo vans. That’s just what Rivian...

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Why the Aston Martin DBX SUV Looks the Way It Does

Veteran British designer Marek Reichman has been in the industry for 29 years, the last 15 with Aston Martin Lagonda, and he has an imposing official title: chief creative officer. He has a distinguished résumé to support it, including being responsible for both Rolls-Royce and Land Rover brands when he was with BMW. He also turned out some truly impressive...

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McLaren Speedtail hits 250mph 30 TIMES during testing

A McLaren Speedtail development car has reached 250 mph more than 30 times during high-speed testing at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA. Famously exuberant chief test driver Kenny Brack consistently reached the impressive maximum speed figure in Speedtail prototype ‘XP2’. The tests are part of a high-speed validation regime that has already carried out flat-out runs at Idiada...

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Tesla to Deliver First China-Built Model 3 Cars to Customers

Tesla has announced it will deliver its first internationally built cars starting on Monday, December 30, in what is looking like the official start of a major global expansion for the EV maker. The Model 3 cars will be the first products of the Shanghai Gigafactory, also known as Gigafactory 3, which is Tesla's first production site outside the United...

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Nissan Says Merry Christmas By Turning the Leaf into a Rolling Christmas Tree

The Nissan Leaf is taking on a different form in time for the holiday season. For this specific occasion, Nissan converted a Leaf electric hatch into a fully lit Christmas tree, complete with 190 meters of utensil, over 15,000 lights, and, well, a reindeer. No longer called the Nissan Leaf, the Japanese automaker dubbed its creation the Nissan Tree, a...

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Volkswagen unveils mobile charging robots for car parks

Volkswagen has revealed a new electric-car charging concept made up of autonomous roaming robots that can bring an energy storage device to an electric car, charge it up and then collect the storage device and return to its base without any human intervention. The concept is designed for use in large car parks, such as those at airports or shopping...

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Mercedes X-Class Goes Dark With Black Package

The Mercedes-Benz X-Class pickup truck adds a new Black package to its roster for 2020. First reported by MBPassion, the optional package is set to arrive in March 2020 and is limited to X350d 4Matic models in either the Progressive Edition or Power Edition trims. As its name implies, the Black package essentially blacks out the three-pointed star’s mid-size pickup....

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How Volvo makes its crystal glass gearsticks

When the glassworks in the small Swedish town of Kosta was founded, its owners didn’t foresee it would one day make gear selectors. It was 1742, after all, when demand for car parts was somewhat limited. Yet 277 years later, Kosta’s hot shop is an unlikely hotspot for the production of Volvo gear selectors. Not regular gear selectors, of course:...

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Bentley Bentayga hiding a big update before reveal next year

It’s the SUV everyone loves to hate. Bentley’s Bentayga has been the source of much controversy for the brand, but then it’s also brought plenty of revenue with it. Unfortunately, with the impressive new Continental range now well pretty well integrated into the range, the Bentayga’s aging tech and awkward aesthetics have never been more obvious. To counter this Bentley...

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Three Models Headline Suzuki's Exhibition Stand at the 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon

Starting with the smallest of the lot, the Hustler Street Base is a kei-sized crossover between a hatchback and… well, a crossover. Tall, square, and incredibly spacious for its footprint, the concept comes with steelies wrapped in tires that read “HUSTLER” on the sides. Described as “a base for young people who enjoy street sports such as BMXing, skateboarding, and...

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Hyundai and Kia are now using VR to design new cars and SUVs

Hyundai and Kia have introduced a new virtual reality design evaluation system that allows up to 20 people to work on the same project at the same time. Debuting at the companies’ global HQ, the Namyang Research and Development Center in South Korea, the system enables the brands’ engineers and anyone else wearing the headsets to view and, thanks to...

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The 2020 Nissan Altima packs value

The mid-size sedan segment isn’t where one usually looks for excitement, but that’s changed quickly. Toyota came out swinging with an aggressively styled Camry lineup while the Honda Accord’s European flair should make a consumer pause on their way to lease a BMW 3-Series. There’s even a new Subaru Legacy loaded with technology and the latest Hyundai Sonata wears some...

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This S65 V8-Powered BMW i8 'GTR' Will Leave You Charmed And Befuddled

The whole point of the i8 is its hybrid powertrain, which - following a mid-life refresh - provides a combined 369bhp. A good chunk of that comes from the electrical side of the equation, giving the coupe a character unlike any other sports car. Seeing one powered by a V8, then, does give us mixed feelings. That said, this isn’t...

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THE NEW Volkswagen Golf has been awarded the maximum five stars for safety by crash testing body Euro NCAP — even though one of the doors failed, posing a “critical ejection risk”. In tests that involved the five-door family hatch being T-boned at 30mph, the nearside rear passenger door opened. This, according to Euro NCAP, means there is a chance...

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Y'all, Honda has produced 400 million motorcycles since 1949

A lot of people tend to think of Honda as a car company that also builds motorcycles (among other things), but the truth is that Honda's motorcycle operations -- like BMW's -- predate its cars by a pretty sizable chunk of time. In that time, Honda introduced a ton of iconic two-wheeled vehicles like the original Super Cub (aka the...

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Elon Musk says Tesla will add Disney to its vehicles 'soon'

Elon Musk spent some time over this past holiday week answering questions posed by fans on Twitter, and one addressed the growing catalog of entertainment options available in-car via the Tesla Theater software feature: Musk said that Disney+ will be "coming soon" to the list of available streaming services drivers can access in their cars. Tesla Theater was introduced in...

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Vietnamese carmaking startup VinFast gets $950 million credit line

VinFast, which aims to become Vietnam's first domestic car manufacturer, said it has secured a 12-year credit facility for as much as $950 million to help buy machinery and equipment from German suppliers. The company, a unit of Vietnam's largest conglomerate Vingroup JSC, plans to have its first production models built under its own badge hit the streets next August....

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