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Torqtube Sunday Weekly (202044) – Latest Car News


Official: the 2020 Proton X50 will cost you at least RM79,200

After months of teasing the Proton X50, during which we were granted an early look in Tanjung Malim and some time behind the wheel in Sepang, the national carmaker has finally (officially) launched its hotly-anticipated compact SUV in Malaysia. With a conditional movement control order (CMCO) still in effect in Selangor where Proton is based, an occasion we predicted to...

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2021 Audi A6 sedan gets bump in power and price

The 2021 Audi A6 luxury mid-size sedan gets a mid-year makeover that adds more power, more black trim, and more cowbell. The 2021 Audi A6 can be had with a Sport trim exclusive to the mid-year model, Audi confirmed to The Car Connection on Thursday.

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Jeep's Bringing This Overlanding Concept to SEMA

The Specialty Equipment Marketing Association (SEMA)'s 2020 show is taking place virtually next week, meaning it's now teaser season. Thanks to a new release from Mopar, we have a better idea of what Jeep is bringing to the show. The Fiat Chrysler accessories arm shared a teaser featuring a pickup truck with a squared-off rear end supporting an external spare...

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Watch the Rimac C_Two undergo crash testing

The Rimac C_Two may be a low-volume electric hypercar, but it still needs to be crash tested like any other production vehicle. Rimac on Friday released a video showing two prototypes being sacrificed for the cause ahead of the C_Two's targeted 2021 launch. Rimac began crash testing in 2019, and did simulation work prior to that. The crashes shown here—both...

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The Mitsuoka Buddy Is the K5 Blazer-Styled Hero We Need

We have to admit, the Toyota RAV4 isn't the most obvious starting point for a turning a smallish SUV into a 1980s Chevy truck. But somehow Mitsuoka pulled it off with a few new body panels and a chrome grille. The Japanese retro conversion specialist and sometime automaker, infamous for creating cars that look like old Jaguars or catfish, has...

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Is Hyundai’s smallest EV the perfect Christmas gift for kids?

Hyundai has huge plans when it comes to electric vehicles following the launch of its new Ioniq sub-brand and its three upcoming models. But for their latest EV, the South Korean automaker has decided to go small. The automaker says this is the smallest Hyundai EV yet (and probably will be).

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Kia Motors Developing A New Modular Platform For Its Next-Gen Military Vehicles

It's a lesser known fact that Kia Motors builds vehicles for military forces. While fixing its reputation throughout the years, the Asian carmaker has also been building military vehicles for South Korea and other countries. Now, Kia's developing a new modular platform to pave the way for its next generation of military vehicles. After outlining its "Plan S" in September,...

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Sing Praise to Prior Design As They Fix the BMW M4’s Grille

It’s safe to say that BMW’s new take on the front grille for the 4 Series, M3, and M4 has rapidly split its fan base in two camps. Even we raised a lot of eyebrows while looking at the press photos but a recent first contact review with the 4 Series taught us that the loathed grille looks a lot...

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Ferrari's 2022 performance SUV: first prototype caught testing

Ferrari is preparing to enter the performance SUV ring in 2022 – and now what is claimed to be the first prototype for the eagerly anticipated model has been caught in the open. Spotted within the confines of the Italian brand's Maranello headquarters, the test mule appears to feature a heavy adapted body from the Maserati Levante SUV. It should...

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2021 Isuzu MU-X debuts, gets updated 3.0TD engine

As we all know, the MU-X is heavily based on the D-Max ute, only it wears a wagon-like body and features coil springs at the rear axle instead of leaf springs. Just like the new D-Max though the 2021 MU-X showcases a facelifted exterior design. The front end adopts slimmer headlights and welcomes new LED daytime running lights, with an...

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Lingenfelter C8 Corvette Previewed on the Track, Launching November 9th

The aftermarket certainly loves the C8 Corvette, and Lingenfelter will soon join that club with a tuning program for the Stingray. To be revealed on the second Monday of November, the go-faster package has been previewed on the track with goodies such as the Continental Extreme Contact tires wrapped around Vossen Evo wheels. Although limited in scope by the encrypted...

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The 2021 Porsche Cayenne Hybrid's battery capacity just got 27 per cent better

Porsche has updated the Cayenne Hybrid for 2021, adding more range thanks to a bigger battery. The automaker increased capacity by 27 per cent, from 14.1 kWh to 17.9 kWh. It hasn’t said exactly how many kilometres the Cayenne’s range will be extended, but the capacity is now the same as the Panamera E-Hybrid’s, which should make for better than...

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SSC Tuatara To Rerun Top Speed Attempt Following Footage Doubts, CEO Confirms

When people started to analyse footage of the SSC Tuatara’s claimed 331mph run, including some prominent YouTubers, it started to seem as though something was amiss. Sure enough, Dewetron then distanced itself from the record, contradicting SSC’s claims that the data measurement company had “validated” the run.

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Update: 2021 VW Golf R will be revealed next month

We may not be getting the VW GTI Clubsport that was just revealed, but we're going to get something even more potent: the 2021 VW Golf R. And we apparently don't have to wait long to see the monster Golf. Racing driver and former Top Gear America host Tanner Foust shared a teaser video on Twitter announcing the reveal date...

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When Ford announced the 7.3L Godzilla V8 engine last year for the F-250 and F-350 Super Duty, the arousal of big-displacement hot rodders could almost be heard. A cast iron block V8 built to take a beating seemed like a desert oasis in an optics-based landscape where rumors of the death of the internal combustion engine is being shouted from...

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Fisker goes public, aims for Ocean electric crossover deliveries by late 2022

Fisker Inc., which hopes to start delivering electric vehicles in 2022, has started trading Friday morning on the New York Stock Exchange, under the symbol “FSR.” Through a special-purpose acquisition sponsored through Apollo Global Management, the electric-vehicle hopeful was able to expedite its transformation, which was announced in July.

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Alfa Romeo and Sauber Keep the Band Together for the 2021 F1 Season

Alfa Romeo and Sauber have joined forces, once again, for the 2021 Formula 1 season. The partnership that was first started in 2018 brought Alfa Romeo back into the world of F1, and it will continue until at least the end of next season. The Alfa Romeo and Sauber team has been one of the slowest teams on the grid...

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AC is building a Cobra Le Mans tribute and it’s electric

Sacre bleu! as they say in France. AC Cars has decided that a fitting way to celebrate its 1963 Le Mans entry is to recreate the 289 Ford V-8-powered Cobra with an electric motor. To be fair, the limited run of 12 AC Cobra Le Mans electrics will offer race-worthy performance, with drive coming from a 625-hp, 738-lb-ft motor developed...

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Hennessey Reveals Its 750-HP 2021 Ford Bronco VelociRaptor V8

There are higher-performance Ford Bronco models coming. We know because Ford told us, and one of them should be an even more capable Raptor or Warthog model built for high-speed off-roading. However, Ford has also said that there won't be a V-8-powered Bronco and that the 2.7-liter V-6 will have just enough power to satisfy customers—even though the Jeep Wrangler...

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Hybrid and electric cars outsell diesels in Europe for the first time ever

Cars with an electrified powertrain outsold diesel models in Europe for the first time last month, according to the latest registration figures. A total of 1.3 million new cars were registered in Europe in September, with 327,800 of those being electrified and around 322,400 being diesel. Petrol cars made up 47 per cent of the market, although this is down...

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Chevy built a Bolt-powered classic K5 Blazer EV for SEMA and it's glorious

Fans of wildmodified vehicles everywhere were pretty upset that the 2020 SEMA show was canceled due to COVID-19, which is understandable. Still, just because the show isn't going on in Vegas doesn't mean that there aren't some epic vehicles coming out over the next week or two. A perfect example of this is the Chevrolet K5 Blazer-E that GM announced...

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BMW M3 Touring: fresh pictures of Munich's wicked estate

Munich has finally decided to build a BMW M3 Touring. Munich announced plans for a five-door estate version of the M3, delighting fans of wicked wagons everywhere (except maybe Alpina, who's been hoovering up these customers these past few years). The next M3 saloon will be revealed later this year, but BMW says the M3 Touring is still in the...

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Mini To Launch Two Electric Crossovers

Two words seem to dominate the automotive news stream these days - crossovers and EVs. Mini is well aware of how important these two segments are and the company’s future strategy will focus on exactly that. More precisely, Mini will combine the two hot topics to launch two brand new all-electric crossovers.

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1825bhp Bugatti Bolide revealed as 310mph track-only hypercar

The Bugatti Chiron has spawned countless special editions since its launch in 2016, ranging from the retro-rehash Centodieci to the Pur Sport and record-breaking Super Sport 300+. Now Bugatti has launched the extreme Bolide concept, wrapping a bare-bones, lightweight body around its mighty W16 powertrain. Previously spied testing at Circuit Paul Ricard in France, the new model bears little resemblance...

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