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Porsche Tested the New 911 GT3 at 186 MPH for 3100 Miles Straight

Porsche is known for overbuilding cars. Not only can a 911 Turbo S do 0-60 in less than 3 seconds, but it can do it back to back, over and over, without ever overheating or seeming to slow down. We know because we did 50 launches in a row with a 2014 Turbo S. If you think that's not true about high-speed running, too, think again. Because according to Porsche, the 992 911 GT3 can travel at 186 mph continuously for over 3000 miles.

The company knows because it's tested the claim. A testing team ran a prototype of the GT3 around Volkswagen's Nardo test track for 5000 km (about 3107 miles) straight. The car accelerated to 186 mph, maintained that speed until it was out of fuel, quickly refueled, and accelerated again. The company said that the GT3 had to perform flawlessly on this test to meet its durability standards.

The GT3's engine also spend 22,000 hours on a testing rig, allowing Porsche to gather heaps of emissions, performance, and durability data. The testing team would simulate circuit layouts and run the engine as if it was on the track, with heavy acceleration followed by brief braking zones. Full throttle was used "for a very high proportion of the time," Project Manager Thomas Mader said in a release. The idea is that with this much strenuous testing, the GT3 should be able to handle your average track day without a hiccup.

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